Every Life Has Potential. We're Dedicated to Fulfilling It.

Welcome to PathWays of Southwestern Pennsylvania

At PathWays, we're committed to overcoming obstacles and seeing the individuals we care for achieve more than they ever imagined. Through innovative programs, life long services, and individual attention, we empower people of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential.

About PathWays

Turning Aspirations into Realities

Talent Fulfilled
We empower people to accomplish more, imagine, and achieve goals. We lead them down a path of new ideas, encourage them to embrace positive approaches, and enable them to master new techniques- all to help each person do more and be more, on their own.

Potential Fulfilled
We bring out the very best in every life we touch. Our environment is one of caring, experienced, knowledgeable people with the training to adapt our resources and tools to the unique needs of each individual.

Connections Fulfilled
Person to person, ideas to techniques, resources to needs- we take every opportunity to create connections that make a true difference in helping each individual live life to its fullest.

Support Fulfilled
We’re invested in our individuals' futures in every way. Our support services provide access to valuable resources that meet each individual’s needs and every family’s goals. Our commitment to one-on-one attention means we stand with each person to help them overcome every obstacle and lead fuller lives.

Our Mission
Our Journey
Our Corporate Culture

PathWays partners with a variety of organizations who support and share our mission to help all individuals live a fulfilling life:

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