Cassie's Story

"We were worried about Cassie moving into a group home. I didn’t know how she would adjust to it, or what we would do if she wasn’t happy. But the day came when she moved in and there was just something about it that made her feel welcome and made her feel like this was the place for her. She didn’t look back, didn’t hang on to me or say ‘Don’t leave me.’ She was ready to go. After she spent her first weekend back with us, she said ‘I’m ready to go home now.’ That’s how she feels about it. She’s become so much more independent, so much more active in going out into the community and in doing things around the house. They’re always getting together with other houses for parties and dances and all sorts of events. She’s made wonderful friends and in her mind, her roommates are her sisters, and the whole group is like family. She’s very, very happy. And the people there love those girls like their own."